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ClinicsDr. BeckerOld Town Clinic727 W Burnside St Portland, OR 97209(503) 241-3836Old Town Clinic provides medical care for homeless and low-income individuals who live in downtown Portland and the Old Town area. Patients are seen by appointment first, but walk-ins can sign in at 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., and will be seen as time permits.With Dr. Becker every first Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon
ClinicsTrans ClinicOutside In1132 SW 13th Avenue Portland, OR 97205-1703Jose Cruz, Clinic Coordinator:
OR (503) 535-3828
A coalition of medical and naturopathic doctors and interns, acupuncturists, and Chinese herbalists, all of whom provide cutting edge multidisciplinary primary care to homeless youth and low-income individuals lacking health insurance.Wheelchair accessible. Spanish interpreters available during all clinic shifts.Minimum of $10/visit (but will not be turned away for lack of money)Gender: Dedicated nights for trans healthcare. Extensive trainings, trans/genderqueer employees. Sexuality: Active in Queer community. Offers queer-specific services. Youth: 35 + years working with at-risk and homeless youth.IMPORTANT -> ** The Trans clinic runs by appointment ONLY , so please contact the coordinator to set up an appointment in advance. Be proactive and call again if you don't get a response within a 7-10 days.**
Body Work & NaturopathicAlysia AndersonAn Sen Acupuncture and Massage107 SE Washington ST, Ste 134,
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 236-6633
Visit Website
Womens Health, Sports, Pain, Pediatric, Emotional and Stress DisordersWheelchair$70 per visit/Most insurance carriers are acceptedExperienced with treating all genders
Have experience treating Gay, Lesbian and Straight.
Specialize in pediatric and infant care
Body Work & NaturopathicAvi Brockman, M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac.
1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite A
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 449-8455 (cell)
Acupuncture, herbs, massageWheelchair. English, some ASL, can have Spanish- and Portuguese- speaking professionals on siteSliding scale $35-55 for first treatment, $20-50 thereafter. Fees are somewhat negotiable; open to trades. Not on an insurance board, but will file for insurances that let you see who you want. Clients are mostly female, some FTMs, 20s to 30s. Trans-identified. Bathrooms labeled "men" and "women" (for now), 2 stalls in each, but the building is very private and Avi has keys. Says people taking testosterone may find acupuncture helpful for liver support and to alleviate muscle pains.

Sexuality Experience: Kink-friendly, poly-friendly. Would ask client about self-scarring and provide references if it seemed like an issue. Building shared with "queer, open-minded" medical professionals who aren't usually there at the same time.

Youth Experience: Experience working with teenagers; likes doing so
Has a Master's in Chinese medicine. No receptionist. Private rooms, different hours. Experience with people with hepatitis C, HIV+.
Body Work & NaturopathicMeshi Chavez, LMTEmail
Body Work & NaturopathicSonia ConnollySundown Healing Arts2833 NE 8th Ave Portland, Oregon 97212(503) 334-6434 Email
Helping sensitive people heal from trauma, both emotional and physical, through safe, compassionate bodywork, using Reiki, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, and Somatic Experiencing. Emphasis on helping clients connect with the body and listen to its messages.9 steps down to the massage studio. Speaks English, Spanish, and some French. Unisex bathroom.$80 per hour. $45 for half hour. Discount of $10 per session for a prepaid set of 4 sessions. Sessions are not covered by insurance except when prescribed by a doctor.Gender Experience Open to clients of any gender. Some experience with trans clients. Sexuality Experience Identifies as lesbian. Clients are welcomed and accepted without judgments about queerness, poly, kink, etc. Youth Experience Has not worked with youth.No receptionist, private studio. Experience working with people with hepatitis C, HIV+. Clients of any body size are welcome. Free monthly healing articles, see website.
Body Work & NaturopathicKelly Marie Fitzpatrick, RN, ND923 SE Sherret Portland, OR 97202(503) 235-6589Complete prescriptive rights for imaging, specialized testing, diagnostic testing, gastric health evaluation, hormonal profiles, adrenal stress profile. Provides a comprehensive evaluation that addresses entire health: mental, physical, emotional. Provides pre- and post-surgical consultation in order to help prepare body and prevent scarring and bruising with nutrition, botanicals, and homeopathic supplements. Does a lot of adjunctive work with folks doing hormones.Not wheelchair accessibleWorks with some insurance: Regeance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, ETNA. Will be licensed for OHP, sliding scale. Willing to talk to clients about insurance "sex" listing.Gender Experience Open to a continuum of possibilities when a trans person walks in her door. Not a high percentage of her client base is trans. Sexuality Experience She has a network of professionals: therapists and counselors who know about sexual abuse in order to address the soul level. Open to discuss poly relationships, not experienced talking about kink but open. Youth: No experience. Feels strongly about adherence to confidentiality. Asserts that clients have a right to refuse to accept any medical intervention. Cats in immediate environment, so allergies are a risk.
Body Work & NaturopathicKristy Geffen, LMT, RPPHarmonize - Supporting Your Body's Systems to Work in Time and in Tune5515 NE 30th Avenue Portland, OR (503) 312-5878 Email
I combine Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Polarity Therapies to provide integrative bodywork that enhances your innate healing capabilities. Sessions include acupressure, kneading and deep tissue alignment to your muscles, chakra and craniosacral balancing, stretches and joint mobilization.The bathrooms are gender neutral but are not wheelchair accessible. Housecalls are available at no extra charge to clients needing wheelchair access and living within 12 miles of the office.I am not on any insurance boards, but frequently bill insurance companies that allow clients to choose their practitioners in addition to auto insurance companies. Cost is $70 for an hour treatment and $105 for a 90-minute treatment, with an individualized sliding scale available.Gender Experience I am professionally and personally familiar with trans, genderqueer and intersex health issues. I provide a wide variety of services to clients undergoing physical transition. Deep tissue and Swedish massage release muscle tension associated with binding and posture. Post-operative clients are supported with gentle massage and energy work to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and heal tissue. After surgical wounds have healed, myofascial treatments break up scar tissue so that your organs and tissues move freely and without pain. I am experienced in helping clients recover after top surgery (mastectomy), facial surgery, breast augmentation, Adam's apple reduction, genital surgery and hysterectomy. In addition, massage can decrease undesired side effects of hormone therapy, uncluding toxin build-up, headaches, fluid retention and hypertension. Sexuality Experience Queer, Kink and Poly Positive. I identify as queer. Youth Experience I am experienced in working with youth and trust your health choices and relationship with your body. I am legally bound to receive consent to treatment from a parent or guardian for youth under 14 years of age. Other I am certified in pregnancy, labor and postpartum bodywork through the Association of Natural and Physical Therapists, and am experienced in working with trans and queer families, including trans men choosing pregnancy. I am also experienced in working with HIV+ clients.
Body Work & NaturopathicKatie Kusmaul, LMT #7827Tiger Lily Wellness1605 NE Broadway Portland (Tri-Met #15, 14, 75)(503) 232-8323 Email
Swedish, deep tissue, and Thai (which is fully-clothed body work) massage.Tiger Lily has a set of stairs, but can schedule at an alternate office on Burnside/10th, where she has provided for folks who use wheelchairs and stretchers. Also, she can do in-home visits for folks with mobility impairments free of charge. Interpretation available for Spanish speakers.Open and willing to talk through "sex" listing on insurance. Check her name against insurance: she is a provider for American Specialty Health, car insurance, and is compatible with anyone who contracts with Healthnet, Cigna, Providence, etc. Without coverage $30 for a half-hour, $50 for one hour, $70 for two hours. She provides an individualized sliding scale.Gender Experience Very trans/ genderqueer friendly. Asks if client injects hormones in order to stay away from sites. Explores ways of opening impact of binding on back, ribs, and breathing through massage. Has more experience with FTM than MTF individuals. Open to hearing specific ways people want to be treated regarding gender. Sexuality Experience Very kink friendly.Depending on level of injury, will ask if scarring is relevant. Youth Experience Needs parental consent to work on youth.Confidentiality bound, unless subpoenaed by insurance.
Body Work & NaturopathicNico (Genderfree) Licensed Massage Therapist3939 NE Hancock Suite 307 Portland, OR 97212(503) 888-7956Deep tissue, Hot & Cold Stone Therapy, Energywork, Relaxation$60 for hr. $85 for 1.5 hr.Gender Experience Advertises as Genderfree! Sexuality Experience Active member of Queer communityOther Donates portion of procedes to TiRC and other community organizations
Body Work & NaturopathicAngelyn Nicholson4423 NE Tillamook Portland(503) 545-9879
Body Work & NaturopathicKathryn Retzler, NDLaurehurst Integrative Health / HormoneSynergy2705 E. Burnside, Suite 206 Portland, OR 97214(503) 230-7990
Primary care physician and an authority on natural medicine and hormone balance. She draws on both conventional and alternative medicine and believes that clients benefit most from a blend of all available treatments, focused on their individual needs.Wheelchair accessible.Does not bill insurance.Gender Experience increasingly been providing services to the transgendered community, offering her extensive knowledge and treatment of hormone related issues. Sexuality Experience ongoing relationship with queer commnityMon-Fri 10a-6p
Body Work & NaturopathicDeb Santomero. DCFull Spectrum Health Center3303 SE Division St(503) 236-9882Chiropractic therapy and Thai massage (licensed teacher). Techniques include light force chiropractic, cranial sacral therapy, guided visualization, and therapeutic exercise.To make or change an appointment call: (503) 294-1552. The center also offers acupuncture, massage, yoga classes, tai chi classes, and a light and color therapy pyramid.
Body Work & NaturopathicSuzanne Scopes, NDCircle Healthcare Clinic316 NE 28th Avenue Portland, OR 97232(503) 230-0812 (phone)
(503) 233-9151 (fax)
Primary Naturopathic Healthcare, Transgender Healthcare, Lab services, Hormones, Annual examsWheelchairClinic bills all major insurance carriers, if naturopathic coverage included. Cash discount if not billing insurance, payment plans available.Gender Experience Many years experience in providing Transgender healthcare, in practice since 1985. Trans clinic provider at Outside In since 2006, has given several trans health presentations to other providers. Sexuality Experience Kink friendly, queer identified. Clinic is lesbian owned and queer/trans positive.Youth Experience No clinical experience in prescribing for transitioning youth.
Body Work & NaturopathicSeven Star Acupuncture and Apothecary436 SE 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97214(503) 236-6833
Acupuncture, herbs, massage, qi gong, yogaWheelchair. English.Sliding scale Services Acupuncture : $27-65 for first treatment, or private treatments. $15-30 for group treatments. Tuina Massage : $27-65. Herbal Consultation : $15-30 plus cost of Herbs. Classes : $7-13Gender Experience Clients are all genders and ages. Single Person Bathrooms labeled "Restroom". People undergoing hormone therapy can get acupuncture and herbs to support healthy liver function and alleviate negative side effects. Sexuality Experience Kink-friendly, poly-friendly. Open and non-judging of all lifestyles. Youth Experience Experience working with teenagers and children; likes doing so. Under 18 must be emancipated or have guardian consent.Many different practitioners work here, but all are very accepting. Some are more intimately knowledgable with transexperience. The Gayest health clinic on Stark. Community Resource. Found in the world's only Vegan Mini Mall.
Body Work & NaturopathicEric Grey, LAcWatershed Community Wellness819 SE Morrison St, Ste 240, Portland, OR 97214(503) 820-8040
Acupuncture/Chinese Herbalism - chronic fatigue, sleeping problems, chronic digestive problems, strange and unexplained diseases, cancer recovery. Very interested in supporting people through any stage of transition, regardless of other existing conditions.Fully accessible - park in the underground parking garage and take the elevator up.If you mention Outside-in, no additional fee for first appointment. $70 for acupuncture and herbal consultation, $45 for herbs only. Additional fee for herbs. Can direct bill most insurance, on ASH (American Specialty Health). Call and we will check your coverage! Gender Experience : Personal experience with transition, past treatment of FTM/MTM and genderqueer individuals. I have done a lot of research on how Chinese medicine can help support people through transition - including during hormone therapy and pre and post surgery. Sexuality Experience : Personal experience on the LGB spectrum, kink and poly friendly. Judgment-free zone. Youth Experience : Experience treating teenagers and middle-school aged people, enjoys working with both groups.People of all sizes welcome - JUDGMENT FREE ZONE (we can't stress this enough!) We are also interested in working with people of all ages. A very safe space for your exploration of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.
Body Work & NaturopathicAmanda Barp, LMTWatershed Community Wellness819 SE Morrison St, Ste 240, Portland, OR 97214(503) 473-9142

Massage including hot stone massage, deep tissue, swedish and Shiatsu - particular focus on chronic pain, stress and trained in massage for people experiencing cancer65/hour, additional fees for hot stone massage, can directly bill most insurance, on ASH and CHP - call to see if you have coverageGender Experience : Close to several people in transition and people in various gender expressions, has treated FTM individuals for musculo-skeletal problems related to binding and surgery. Sexuality Experience : Women's study major, integrated in LGBT community throughout adult life, has worked with patients everywhere on the LGBT spectrum, kink and poly friendly. Youth Experience : Experience treating teenagers and middle-school aged people, enjoys working with both groupPeople of all sizes welcome - JUDGMENT FREE ZONE. A very safe space for your exploration of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.
Drug & Alcohol RecoveryCascadiaPO Box 8459, Portland, Oregon 97207(503) 238-0769

CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES: strengthening the whole family. ADULT SERVICES: helping people live successful lives in the community. CRISIS SERVICES: providing round the clock help when it’s most needed. ADDICTIONS TREATMENT: contributing to individual hope and recovery. HOUSING SERVICES: providing stability, dignity and practical support.If you're having a crisis and need TO KNOW where to go for help or IF YOU NEED brief telephone counseling, YOU CAN call the Multnomah County Crisis Line: CALL (503) 988-4888.
Family NurseSusan T. Murphy, PMHMT811 NW 19th Ave, Suite 301, Portland, OR 97209(503) 464-9667 (phone and fax)sychiatric nurse practitioner. Counseling, medical evaluation, management of medication.Gender Experience: Not an expert on trans issues.
Family NurseDana Mozer, FNPDowntown Gynecology511 SW 10th Ave. Suite 613, Portland, OR(503) 222-7333
Gynecology (pap smears, STI checks, birth control discussion if appropriate and necessary, chest exams, referrals).Wheelchair accessible. Speaks Spanish and English. Will work with interpreters if client sets it up.One bathroom. Not labeled; not accessible.Call for cost details.Gender Experience Wide client base of about 40 people, not trans-specific. Approx. 10% of clients are trans. Received GMW training about four years ago. Hasn't prescribed T, but has done work-ups for folks on T. Can follow folks on T through Old Town (side effects, etc.) in conjunction with Dr. Becker. Not very familiar with SOC. Sexuality Experience Kink+ (has a string of dominatrix clients). Poly+. Would be concerned about self-scarring; "not a healthy coping mechanism." Youth Experience No age limits; experienced with and believing of minors. Confidentiality not different for minors if she can help it.No receptionist, no information shared with anyone else. Narrates and asks permission before touching. Member of Black Cross Health Collective. Student of Western herbal medicine since 1997. Provides cloth kimonos, not skimpy paper gowns.
Mental HealthBethSMYRC (Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center)3024 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Portland, OR 97212(503) 872-9664
Ext. 2550
Free therapy and case management for queer and questioning youth 23 and under and their families. Individual, couples and family counseling available. Advocates for youth with schools and other institutions. Various support and therapy groups available.Main entrance is in the back of the building. Wheelchair and ADA accessible via front. Enormous single-"stall" bathroom, "de-gendered for your convenience." Intake forms give options ("male, female, trans, other, ______"). No receptionist.FREE for under 23, will bill Oregon Health Plan if eligibleGender Experience Five years experience with trans folks- 80% of caseload are gender variant. Clinical interns are trained through Bridge 13 program and supervised by gender specialist therapist. Can write letters for hormones and surgery following WPATH standards. Cannot do DMV- send to ID project. Sexuality Experience Sex positive, Adolescent sexual development, non-judgmental. Youth Experience: Extensive experience with queer youth to age 23. Program is tailored for queer and questioning youth.Works with gender variant/transgender youth starting at grade school age- education and counseling for family members and schools, etc. Middle school group for LGBTQ youth meets once per week starting January, 2010 Homework night w/dinner every Tuesday Drop-in Center available for youth 12 to 23 for social activities Leadership programs available for youth. Check out the website!
Mental HealthGenny Bimslager, LCSWSE Hawthorne area of Portland (home office)(503) 235-5312
Individual and couples counseling and some groups (women survivors of childhood sexual abuse). Specialties: Trauma, couples therapy, gender identity, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, multigenerational family therapy, chronic illness.For accessibility, can arrange to meet at the YWCASliding scale starting at $40 out of pocket, works with insurance.Gender Experience 25-30% client base trans or genderqueer. Trained on HBSOC, understands reasons and importance of HBSOC, works individually with clients, understanding that it varies person to person. Can write DMV letters and first surgery letter. genderqueer friendly. Sexuality Experience: Kink friendly, Understands self-scarring not necessarily suicidality. Youth Experience: Seven years of experience with LGBT youth Confidentiality for youth: information shared with parents based on client's discretion. Member of SMPA. experienced working with HIV(+) people
Mental HealthWendy Blenning, LCSW, MSW [DMV]2325 E Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214(503) 329-3225
Solo practice, individuals/couples/familiesNot wheelchair accessible. Seven stairs to her office.Payment direct, discounts available, willing to get folks on insurance if she can.Gender Experience: DMV certified. Letters for surgery/hormones. Genderqueer friendly and experienced. Has own protocol based on HBSOC. SOC can give guidance and is helpful, understands it is not the be-all end-all. Reads books, goes to presentations, queer consultation groups, uses internet to stay current on trans and queer needs. Sexuality Experience: Member of SMPA. Kink: familiar, not an expert, not judgmental Youth Experience: Seven years of experience with LGBT youth, worked at a neighborhood health clinic for runaways in L.A.Will meet with people about what's going on, has protocol on her website. Years of extensive work with people living with HIV. "My hope is that this directory will provide enough security and safety for people who seek counseling for a letter of readiness for hormone therapy or surgery, to openly share their concerns about all aspects of their lives. In some cases, individuals have not been totally candid with the therapist about important issues for fear that sharing these things will impact getting the letter. By not being candid, the individual misses out on the opportunity to identify and possibly work on/through issues of depression, anxiety, abuse, self-abuse, etc. that may be causing distress."
Mental HealthJaimie Doig, MAHealing Tree Counseling4605 NE Fremont #210C, Portland, OR 97213(503) 382-7444
I provide individual, couples, and multiple partners counseling with a focus on communication building, anxiety, depression, sexuality, trauma-related issues. I believe therapy is a collaborative effort. I work to provide a comfortable space for you to share your concerns and hopes with me. Together, we discover and implement the tools that will help you build the life you want to live. My approach is client-centered. This means I will ask questions that help you become more in tune with your true self and help you set your own goals for change.Wheelchair accessible via elevator. Gender neutral bathroom. Public transportation via #24 bus.My standard fee for a 50-minute individual session is $80. My standard fee for a 50-minute couples’ session is $100. I offer a sliding scale fee option based on your income and my availability. I do not work with insurance at this time. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about the cost of counseling.Gender Experience I work well with individuals of any gender. I am genderqueer- and trans-positive. Sexuality Experience Poly- and kink-friendly. Youth Experience I work with adults only and can refer youth clients to qualified counselor.
Mental HealthKristi Erlich, MS3615 NE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97212(503) 281-1166
Trans and queer couples, recovery from cult and high-demand group experiences, poly and kink-affirming, individuals/relationships/families. Partially wheelchair accessibleSliding scale happily offered. Otherwise, $70-80 for 60-70 minute sessions.Gender Experience: A vast majority of my client base identifies as trans or genderqueer but open to all. Open to each client’s unique expression and identification of gender. Participate/d in gender-focused trainings, supervision and education. Honors chosen names and pronouns. Sexuality Experience: Poly and kink experienced. Sex positive. Sex industry affirming/experienced. Youth Experience: Experienced in seeing youth in the context of family counseling. Prior to being a counselor, worked with youth in educational and social service settings for over a decade.
Mental HealthMeg Jeske, M.A.2100 NE Broadway, Suite 319A, Portland, OR 97232(503) 753-1184
Individual, couples, multiple partners, and group counseling with a focus on queer and trans identified individuals. Clinical interests include gender, sexuality, grief & loss, parenting, and adoption.Office is on 3rd floor, building has elevator. Unisex bathroom. No receptionist, I do all my own scheduling. Intake forms don't address gender.$55 per 50 minute session. Sliding scale available.Gender Experience: Experience with transgender and genderqueer clients. Has written letters for hormones. Attentive to confidentiality concerns within Portland's small queer, trans & kink communities. Sexuality Experience: Queer-identified. Kink and poly knowledgeable. Youth Experience: Experience is with adults only, willing to work with older youth - 16+.Registered intern, working towards LPC licensure.
Mental HealthAnnik Larsen, LCSW1920 NW Johnson, Suite 112, Portland, OR 97209(503) 957-0135
General counseling, especially with people who are somehow in transition (major life changes of any sort, especially if unsure which direction to go; providing clarity and support). Can provide letters and help get clear about what to do when, how, where, with whom.Wheelchair- and scooter-accessible with elevator; downstairs office also available. Willing to work with interpreters. Speaks French and English. Bathrooms: One unisex, single-stall, accessible; one women's, two stalls, not accessible.Sliding scale $50-100; works with insurance that doesn't require her to be on a panel. "Always" discusses diagnoses with clients before issuing them to insurance companies, looking for least harmful and most useful.Gender Experience Has worked with trans clients since mid-'80s. Comfortable with fluidity and non-binary situations. Not compelled to toe the line of the SOC; tries not to keep people there longer than necessary. Prefers naturopathic approaches, looking at total health picture and providing support. Asks client when to use different names and which to use if calling at home. Sexuality Experience Open to diverse sexualities. Youth Experience: Usually doesn't see people younger than 15, but has worked with 16-17yr olds from OI. Confidentiality policy may vary for those under 15; will have conversation about what they want to share.No intake forms or receptionists.
Mental HealthHeather Leffler, MSW, LCSW [DMV]2325 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214(503) 261-9696Half-time therapist who does individual and couples counseling for predominantly queer and trans clients. She uses a client-driven approach, and broad theory tailored to individuals. She generally helps people with general transition in their lives.No wheelchair access, no TTY. She will hire an ASL interpreter if needed.$60 a session, but cost adjustment available. Check her name against insurance.Gender Experience: Has done multiple letters for prescriptions and letters for surgery. Familiar with HBSOC and for her therapy is not to "prove" "authentic" transness, but so she knows who clients are/where they are at. Also, she knows not everyone is seeking physical changes. On intake form, blank space for gender, asks name. Finds work with trans clients exciting because people come into themselves and learn to talk about it. Sensitive to special confidentiality concerns when working with the small Portland trans and queer communities. Genderqueer experienced and positive. Sexuality Experience: Member of SMPA. She is a member of the queer community, and she may be at events, which she lets clients know up front. Poly and Kink experinced. Youth Experience Generally sees adults, but sometimes adolescents.Up front about confidentiality and mandatory reporting. Seven years of experience working with HIV+ client base.
Mental HealthTerrie A. Lyons, PhD, PC [DMV]3033 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97201(503) 221-8764One-on-one psychotherapy and evaluations for individuals and couples.No wheelchair access.$125 for therapy, $150 for evaluation. Check her name against insuranceGender Experience Experienced with trans clients. Impressed and honored with folks who deal with accepting this part of themselves. Sometimes asked to give a second letter for surgery. Genderqueer experienced and positive -Understands gender is not a fixed or binary category. Member of HBIGDA, very positive about their organization. Sexuality Experience: Open to talking about poly relationships and supportive of finding out what's good for them. Youth Experience: No kids or adolescents except older adolescents if emancipated.Experince with HIV + Understands that families go through coming-out too, and need to work through it
Body Work & NaturopathicTineke Malus, NDMalus Health Organization5224 NE 20th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97211
(971) 227-7799
Primary Care Physician, Environmental Medicine, Endocrinology, IV therapyHome delivered CareSliding Scale Subscription BasedGenderqueer identified. I have done preceptorships with some other POrtland Physicians who serve this community. I have interned at Outside In for two years. Malus Health Organization is Queer, Poly, and Kink friendly. I do hormone therapy prescribing as PAET of a holistic wellness program. I prefer to do house calls.
Mental HealthSuzan Mayer, MSW, LCSW, [DMV]319 SW Washington Street, Suite 1015, Portland, OR 97204(503) 245-4614 (phone)
(503) 227-2561
Assessment and counseling according to the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care, short-term crisis intervention.Wheelchair accessible. Hard of hearing or deaf folks should bring interpreter. Near bus mall/MAX. Solo practitioner so direct intake, she does her own billing, uses preferred name and pronoun. Gendered bathrooms, women's single stall, Men's has two stalls. Prefers not to see clients with active substance abuse problems.On many insurance panels, check her name against insurance. If no, $75/hour.Gender Experience She is pansexual and pangendered, and does not like to be put into boxes. Has no compunctions with using SOC as a guideline, but not written in stone. ½ her clients are trans or cross-dressing, she always offers her services to relatives. Sexuality Experience: She is pansexual and pangendered, and does not like to be put into boxes. Kink-friendly. Youth Experience: Has worked with a handful of 16-21 clients. No individual therapy under age 16Counselor for over thirty years. Other mental health help: Independent contractor with Washington County Circuit Court to civil commitment hearings. Also EAP (Employee Assistance Programs).
Mental HealthAngelyn Nicholson, MSSW, CADC III4423 NE Tillamook, Portland, OR 97213(503) 407-1357
My specialities include trauma- adult or childhood, substance abuse, depression, change of life issues (i.e. coming out, divorce, death or grief, break ups), couples work.Wheelchair accessible, gender neutral bathroom, public transportation closebyI do not accept insurance at this time. I charge $65/hour, and accept a limited number of sliding fee clients.Gender Experience: I identify as a high femme and work well with individuals and couples of any gender. I have experience with FTM, MTF, butch or femme identified, asexual folks, and just plain ol' lesbians. I have limited experience with gay men. Also, I have experience with the bi-sexual population and straight folks. Sexuality Experience: I am kink friendly and have experience with asexual folks, polyamorous folks, and everywhere in between. Anywhere in the spectrum of sexuality I am comfortable with. Youth experience: Emancipated youth or youth over 16 are welcome. There are sticky legal issues around parental rights if you are younger than 16. Because I value your confidentiality and your autonomy, I ask that you be 16 or older.I have been a Social Worker for 11 years and love being able to work with folks in my community.
Mental HealthShelly Norton, PhD5525 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97215(503) 239-4475Psychotherapy for older adolescents and adults. Individuals, groups, couples (about half her practice), families around anxiety, trauma, relational issues. Specializes in sexuality concerns and gender identity.Not fully wheelchair accessible. Space for preferred name, which is used on chart, no gender/sex question.$100 per hour, negotiable.Gender Experience Attends conferences, learns from clients, educates others. Very familiar with HBSOC, aware that they give provider a lot of power and regards each client as individual. Can write letters for hormones, surgeries, DMV. Not a lot of experience with genderqueer folks, does NOT assume genderqueers are "trans and waiting to come out". Sexuality Experience Will discuss self-scarring if relevant. Down with anything between consenting adults: Kink positive, Poly positive. Does not see sex offenders but can refer. Youth Experience: Youth can come without immediate consent of parent/guardian. Can be important for parent to know about therapy. 15-18 confidentiality primary with client.
Mental HealthCatherine Nyhan, MA(503) 957-1267 (This number connects directly to Nyhan.)Brief, solution-focused psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.No accommodations available for wheelchair users.Sliding scale.Gender Experience: All-inclusive. Sexuality Experience: Queer friendly kink-friendly. Nyhan has eight years of experience providing services to GLBT clients and clients with alternative lifestyles, supplemented by a 40-hour training through the Seattle Counseling Services for Sexual Minorities. Youth Experience: Youth advocate
Mental HealthSteven "Bo" O'Dell1732 SE Ash, Portland, OR 97214(503) 249-7844
(503) 363-1175 (Salem office)
He practices traditional cognitive therapy and some energy protocol.He signs ASL in addition to speaking English. Has TTY contact number as listed above, his Portland office is not wheelchair accessible but he does home visits if mobility access issues. Salem office is wheelchair accessible. Clients contact him directly, uses preferred names and pronouns only.Compatible with some insurance with the exceptions of Providence and Pacificare, and sees people at reduced fees. Otherwise $90/hour, $135 for assessment. Keeps a private practice and in Marion County , he can take OHP.Gender Experience: Since 2000 his office has accommodated folks in physical transition. He has helped six people on their way to and through surgery. Has seen a number of others in other phases. Sees fewer MTFs than FTMs. Very familiar with SOC VI. He finds that it is a good reference, but that it sometimes complicates it, sometimes helps people. Sexuality Experience: Explicitly asks before touch, kink friendly. Youth Experience: From the mid-90s had contact with youth through Phoenix Rising. Worked with youth for ten years with Windfire, presently about 5% of his client base are under twenty. Mostly he has worked with folks aged 14 and up but there are exceptions. He is a youth advocate.
Mental HealthMichele Pearce, MSW CSWA CADC I [DMV]4225 NE Tillamook St. , Portland, OR 97213(503) 290-8255
LGBTQ individuals and people in relationships. Twenty five percent of clients are trans or identify as gender queer. Also provides counseling for partners and families of people who are transitioning. Specialties: addictions, anxiety, depression, PTSD, issues of sexual orientation and spirituality, gender identity, culture shock, navigating through oppression and injustice.Office has gender neutral restrooms. Office is near Hollywood MAX station and on multiple bus lines. Free parking and bike racks are available.Sliding scale available; able to accept some EAP (Employee Assistance Plans) and some private insurance.Gender Experience: Michele is a SOFFA (family member, partner, friend, and ally). 25% of client base is trans or identifies as genderqueer. Has provided consultation and trainings on how to be an ally to trans people and how to better serve trans clients. upportive of genderqueer & genderfluid identities; supportive of full range of gender expressions. Sexuality Experience: Michele is queer identified. She is former Program Coordinator/Counselor of an LGBTQ specific outpatient addictions treatment program; was Support and Advocacy Graduate Assistant at PSU's Queer Resource Center. Kink and Poly affirming. Youth Experience: Experience working with youth survivors of abuse and trauma at Columbia River Mental Health Services. Enjoys working with adolescents. Has worked with clients from SMYRC, Outside In, and New Avenues for Youth. Extensive experience working with college students including international students.Experienced working with people living with HIV, sex workers, people raised in faiths at odds with LGBTQ identities. Experienced working with people who speak English as a foreign language or who have limited English ability. Speaks some French and Japanese.
Mental HealthBeth Richman LCSW, CADCI [DMV]3101 SW 1st Ave, Suite 201, Portland, OR 97201(503) 754-6145
Clinical social worker; counseling for individuals, groups, and couples. Clients are primarily adults, older adolescents, queer, and/or trans. Specializes in trauma, eye movement rapid desensitization, work with drug and alcohol issues, personal coaching.Stairs (10 steps) leading up to office; not accessible. Can arrange to meet elsewhere if client is interested. Intake forms don't address gender. No receptionist. Says office is "very cool [about trans issues]." Open to working with interpreters. Unisex bathroom.Sliding scale: $15-$30 per group, $50-$85 for individuals. Monthly retainer cost for coaching is $300 (three individual coaching sessions, emergency contact if needed, and unlimited e-mail). Accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield, insurance through Portland State. Can work with insurances that accept any provider.Gender Experience Feminist/multicultural perspective. Has done academic work on non-trans mental health practitioners working with trans clients, and has worked at a trans counseling center in San Francisco. Has trans-specific resource lists. Doesn't think that people with mental health conditions should be excluded from transitioning. Sexuality Experience: Very kink-friendly and poly-friendly; sometimes runs poly workshops. Views self-scarring as potentially important coping mechanism; self-admitted bias towards trading it for something with less risk of infection. Queer-identified. Member of SMPA. Youth Experience: Works with families, but would probably refer clients under 16 elsewhere. Will not take parent's requests to try to change their kids or convince them out of something.
Mental HealthBrandt Rigby, LCSW7822 SW Capitol Highway, Suite #4, Portland, OR 97219(503) 920-5020
Outpatient mental health.Not wheelchair accessible.Sliding scale $40-$80/hr. Some insurance accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Lifewise, Mutual of Omaha, etc.Gender Experience: Much experience with trans clients of all ages (7-70-years-old). Familiar with HBSOC and use them as guidelines to treatment only. Full transition is honored as clinically appropriate. When asked if he was genderqueer positive, responded that it is his experience that people are better able to grow clinically when their self-determined identity is honored fully. Sexuality Experience: Experienced working with clients who are part of BDSM/kink communities. Youth Experience: Has clinical experience working with sexual and gender minority youth.
Mental HealthDeborah Samuels, M.S., RN1016 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232(503) 238-0380
Individual and group psychotherapy.Specialties: trauma, survivors of sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, stopping smoking, life transitions, self-esteem, HIV/AIDS, hypnotherapy.Sliding scale, negotiable. Takes some insurance. $75/hr, initial assessment $85/hr.Sexuality Experience: Member of SMPA. Youth Experience: Adults only.
Mental HealthStephen Schweitzer, Ph.D.1374 Willamette St., #7, Eugene, OR 97401(541) 484-5694
Mental HealthJennifer Stoltz, PhD1133 NW 21st Avenue, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97209(503) 222-5010Clinical psychologist, "child, family and adult psychotherapy."
Mental HealthValerie Tobin, PMHNP(503) 318-8568
(503) 345-6899 (Fax) Website
I see children, adolescents, and their families for psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, parenting education, and/or medication management (ages 3-18 years). People see me for a variety of issues, like anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD. Transgender/gender variant young persons may suffer from feelings of depression and anxiety related to how others feel about their gender and not believing that they can safely express themselves as they feel inside. Many families find it helpful to receive some counseling around how to best support their unique child.Must climb up stairs to get to my office.Currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Regence and ODS, soon to be on panels for UBH and MHN.Gender Experience: Gender variant/transgender children, teens, and their families. I work from an affirmative framework with families and children/teens who are gender variant. Sexuality Experience: GLBT youth and families. Before becoming a nurse I worked with GLBT youth program, I ran a support group for GLBT youth. Now I work with GLB adolescents in individual and family therapy. Youth Experience: I specialize in children, teens, and families. I have a master's degree in Advanced Practice Pediatric Nursing and a post-master's in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. I have worked as a pediatric nurse.Therapy can help a child or teen to express their needs in a positive way so that parents and schools can best support the young person to reach their full potential.
Mental HealthJulie Trana, M.S.1600 NW Compton Dr. Beaverton, OR 97006 1235 SE Division St. Ste. 205 Portland, OR 97214(503) 330-5312
Individual & Group therapy for adults. My clinical interests include abuse recovery, gender expression and sexual orientation. Wheelchair accessible (both locations)Sliding scale / No insurance at this timeGender Experience: I have training and experience working with folks who do not buy into the binary gender system, and I am very encouraging of people to express themselves in a genuine way. Sexuality Experience: I have personal and professional experience with many forms of sexual expression/orientation. Kink-friendly. Youth Experience: Prefers to work with adults only.Supervised by Dr. Adrienne Wolmark
Mental HealthReid Vanderburgh, MA [DMV]319 SW Washington #701, Portland, OR 97204(503) 341-7001
Holistic psychotherapy. Gender identity and transitions (including partner and couples issues), life transformations, loss and grief, sexual orientation.Wheelchair accessible. No receptionist. Accessible. Men's and women's bathrooms on third floor, unisex bathroom on fourth floor (all accessible).Sliding scale $60-80 for individuals (50 min), $80-100 for couples (90 min). Some lower-income slots available for trans clients, starting at $30 for people who can't afford anything. Doesn't currently accept insurance (though some employers will reimburse).Gender Experience Trans-identified. About 95% of clients are trans. Has worked with partners of transitioning clients. Thinks "body feedback" from trying hormones is helpful in making decisions about transitioning. See website for articles. Writes hormone letters (worded such that they can be used for top surgery or as first letter for bottom surgery, if desired), DMV letters, and travel carry letters. Trained to work with people on relationship issues (within family, with partner(s), etc.). Tries to help give clarity, increase self-acceptance and client's connection to and ability to check in with their own feelings (especially so clients can accurately assess how hormones change their experiences); sees himself as a "facilitator of process." Sexuality Experience Kink+, poly+. Comfortable discussing both self-scarring and suicidality. Youth Experience Very comfortable working with youth; no age limits. Refuses to "fix" gender-variant youth but may ask their parents/guardians to come in. Will not report underage clients to their parents/guardians, but may encourage communication.
Mental HealthKathleen WalshSE 26th & Clinton(503) 233-0331
Mental HealthJonathan K. Weedman, MAPrivate practice3033 SW First Avenue, Portland, OR 97201(503) 913-8603
Will see anybody: adults, youth, couples, families.Two flights of stairs leading up to house front. Speaks English and French; has access to interpreters and will make arrangements. Unlabeled bathroom at private practice. Intake forms have only a blank for gender. No receptionist.$50-75/hr (sliding scale), no insurance.Gender Experience Writes letters. Disapproves of HBSOC gate-keeping; screens for mental illness and works on that so client can proceed more effectively however they wish. Very genderqueer-friendly. Cool with people wanting or not wanting to take hormones and/or have surgery. Helps educate families. Sexuality Experience Largely queer client base, but he stresses that he's open to straight folks too. Building shared with "cool queer folks." Youth Experience If under 13, legally (technically) required to consult parents and get signed consent.
Mental HealthAdrienne Wolmark, PhD(503) 709-6999
Individual, couple or multiple partners therapy for adults and adolescents.Sliding-scale fee, really flexible.Gender Experience: Sensitive to issues involved providing for a small community like the Portland queer and trans communities. Sexuality Experience: Queer and Kink positive (organizer of the Blue Dove program). Youth Experience: Extensive experience counseling youth.Experienced and knowledgeable in working with HIV (+) clients.
Mental HealthBarbara Young, LPC, MCC3101 SW 1st, Suite 103, Portland, OR 97201(503) 242-0230
(216) 971-3650
Gender and sexuality issues. Also, chronic illness and disabilities, divorce/separation, anxiety/depression, working with survivors and perpetrators of sexual abuse and assault.Sliding scale. Accepts some insurance.
MidwivesSilke Akerson Carol Grey(503) 460-3316
(Silke Akerson)
(503) 236-2999
(Carole Grey)
Trans-friendly midwifery practice.
MidwivesEllie Legare Kate McLachlanA Woman's Way Midwifery Services(503) 777-1221Trans-friendly midwifery practice.
SurgeonsMichael Brownstein, MD, FACS1001 Mariposa St, Suite 101, San Francisco, CA 94107(877) 255-2081 Email
Does FTM and MTF surgeries. Good reviews of his chest reconstruction surgeries.
SurgeonsDesmond Johnson, MDProvidence Milwaukie Medical Center10202 SE 32nd, Suite 601, Milwaukie, Oregon 97222(503) 659-0283
SurgeonsTuan A. Nguyen, MDLake Oswego Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery15820 Quarry Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97035(503) 635-1955 (phone)
(503) 635-1958
Plastic surgeon who does everything from facial reconstruction, breast removal, voice surgery, tracheal shaves, breast implants, waists, to GRS.Wheelchair accessible.Last name is pronounced "Win."
Doctors & DentistsDr. ArunProvidence Medical Group545 NE 47th Ave, Suite 106, Portland, OR 97213(503) 215-9700Internal medicine (adult primary care).Wheelchair accessible.Request interpreter services in advance.Accepts most insurances; will arrange for payment schedules as needed.Gender Experience: 15 years of experience with trans clients. Very comfortable answering questions, providing for medical needs, including care after SRS. Self-refer for general services; letter from behavioral health specialist required before starting hormone therapy. Sexuality Experience: Services are confidential and non-judgmental of sexual choices. Youth Experience: Generally limited to clients 18 and over; occasionally sees people as young as 16, who he treats as adults.Parents or guardians are involved only with permission.Experience with HIV+ clients.Exams are done with patient's permission only. Friendly staff.
Doctors & DentistsTodd Beck (Dentist)728 SE 60th Ave Portland, OR 97215(503) 236-1449General DentistryDescribed as a friendly, understanding, and pain-free dentist.
Doctors & DentistsDr. Sara Becker, MDNW Primary Care3033 SE Monroe St, Milwaukee, OR 97222(503) 659-4988Low-cost care once a month at the Old Town Clinic.Gender Experience Dr. Becker has probably treated more trans patients than any doctor in Portland. GMW-trained four years ago.
Doctors & DentistsDr. Carol Blenning, MDOHSU Family Medicine at Richmond3930 SE Division St Portland, OR 97202(503) 418-3900Family physician who provides full-scope family practice, including maternity care.Speaks Spanish, all languages are available for translations services. Wheelchair accessible. Unisex restroom.Gender Experience: Cognizant of and follows HBSOC, encourages monitoring and safe prescribing, needs a letter. Feels comfortable with gender issues, and interested in gender diversity sensitivity and minority issues. Not very experienced working with genderqueer people, and warns that folks may feel some discomfort at Richmond. Intake must declare M or F. Support staff at Richmond working on becoming more open. Sexuality Experience: Comfortable talking about BDSM, coming from health perspective.
Doctors & DentistsDr. Michael S. Booker, MDFamily Medical Group NE2647 NE 33rd Ave Portland, OR 97212(503) 288-0083
Doctors & DentistsDr. Boyd11082 SE Oak Milwaukie, OR 97222-6692(503) 659-7900
Doctors & DentistsDr. Stephanie DetlefsenKaiser Interstate Office(503) 331-6286
Doctors & DentistsDr. Jennifer Lyons MD (Ophthalmologist)Oregon Eye SpecialistsSte 445, 5050 Northeast Hoyt Street Portland, OR 97213-2984(503) 231-0166OpthalmologyShe is very trans friendly.
Doctors & DentistsDr. James P. Thomas909 NW 18th, Portland, 97209(503) 478-1845