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NameOrganizationLocationContact/ WebAreas of FocusAccessibilityCost/InsuranceExperienceOther
Dr. ArunProvidence Medical Group545 NE 47th Ave, Suite 106, Portland, OR 97213(503) 215-9700Internal medicine (adult primary care).Wheelchair accessible.Request interpreter services in advance.Accepts most insurances; will arrange for payment schedules as needed.Gender Experience: 15 years of experience with trans clients. Very comfortable answering questions, providing for medical needs, including care after SRS. Self-refer for general services; letter from behavioral health specialist required before starting hormone therapy. Sexuality Experience: Services are confidential and non-judgmental of sexual choices. Youth Experience: Generally limited to clients 18 and over; occasionally sees people as young as 16, who he treats as adults.Parents or guardians are involved only with permission.Experience with HIV+ clients.Exams are done with patient's permission only. Friendly staff.
Todd Beck (Dentist)728 SE 60th Ave Portland, OR 97215(503) 236-1449General DentistryDescribed as a friendly, understanding, and pain-free dentist.
Dr Lisa JoynerExpress Healing2403 SE Monroe Street
Milwaukie, OR 97222
(503) 659-4444
Emergency or urgent care needs that are not life threating but are too serious to wait for a routine office visit with regular provider.Close by downtown Milwaukie, OR. Wheelchair accessible. Unisex bathroom(s). Private entrance/exit if desired. Adequate parking space.Self Pay for basic service starts at only $99. Take most medical insurance cards.Very GLBT friendly. Staff is professional, authentic in building patient relationships and take patient privacy serious.Express Healing is a comprehensive urgent care clinic run by a physician who has worked in emergency rooms for over 20 years
Dr. Sara Becker, MDNW Primary Care3033 SE Monroe St, Milwaukee, OR 97222(503) 659-4988Low-cost care once a month at the Old Town Clinic.Gender Experience Dr. Becker has probably treated more trans patients than any doctor in Portland. GMW-trained four years ago.
Dr. Carol Blenning, MDOHSU Family Medicine at Richmond3930 SE Division St Portland, OR 97202(503) 418-3900Family physician who provides full-scope family practice, including maternity care.Speaks Spanish, all languages are available for translations services. Wheelchair accessible. Unisex restroom.Gender Experience: Cognizant of and follows HBSOC, encourages monitoring and safe prescribing, needs a letter. Feels comfortable with gender issues, and interested in gender diversity sensitivity and minority issues. Not very experienced working with genderqueer people, and warns that folks may feel some discomfort at Richmond. Intake must declare M or F. Support staff at Richmond working on becoming more open. Sexuality Experience: Comfortable talking about BDSM, coming from health perspective.
Dr. Michael S. Booker, MDFamily Medical Group NE2647 NE 33rd Ave Portland, OR 97212(503) 288-0083
Dr. Boyd11082 SE Oak Milwaukie, OR 97222-6692(503) 659-7900
Dr. Stephanie DetlefsenKaiser Interstate Office(503) 331-6286
Dr. Jennifer Lyons MD (Ophthalmologist)Oregon Eye SpecialistsSte 445, 5050 Northeast Hoyt Street Portland, OR 97213-2984(503) 231-0166OpthalmologyShe is very trans friendly.
Dr. James P. Thomas909 NW 18th, Portland, 97209(503) 478-1845 WebsiteLaryngologist