Family Nurse Practitioners

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NameOrganizationLocationContact/ WebAreas of FocusAccessibilityCost/InsuranceExperienceOther
Susan T. Murphy, PMHMT811 NW 19th Ave, Suite 301, Portland, OR 97209(503) 464-9667 (phone and fax)sychiatric nurse practitioner. Counseling, medical evaluation, management of medication.Gender Experience: Not an expert on trans issues.
Dana Mozer, FNPDowntown Gynecology511 SW 10th Ave. Suite 613, Portland, OR(503) 222-7333 EmailGynecology (pap smears, STI checks, birth control discussion if appropriate and necessary, chest exams, referrals).Wheelchair accessible. Speaks Spanish and English. Will work with interpreters if client sets it up.One bathroom. Not labeled; not accessible.Call for cost details.Gender Experience Wide client base of about 40 people, not trans-specific. Approx. 10% of clients are trans. Received GMW training about four years ago. Hasn't prescribed T, but has done work-ups for folks on T. Can follow folks on T through Old Town (side effects, etc.) in conjunction with Dr. Becker. Not very familiar with SOC. Sexuality Experience Kink+ (has a string of dominatrix clients). Poly+. Would be concerned about self-scarring; "not a healthy coping mechanism." Youth Experience No age limits; experienced with and believing of minors. Confidentiality not different for minors if she can help it.No receptionist, no information shared with anyone else. Narrates and asks permission before touching. Member of Black Cross Health Collective. Student of Western herbal medicine since 1997. Provides cloth kimonos, not skimpy paper gowns.