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Creating Change by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, this conference is geared toward activists and community, campus and workplace organizers; elected and appointed officials; community advocates; and board members, staff members and leaders in LGBT organizations, community centers and foundations. Not a trans-specific conference. Location changes from year to year.
Esprit Galawww.espritconf.comEsprit is a one-week trans conference held in Port Angeles, WA. The primary focus is on educational classes for crossdressers, trans people, couples and significant others, as well as having fun and meeting others.
FORGE Forward is a conference focused on the complex lives of trans-masculine individuals (those born with a female or intersex body who now identify somewhere on the masculine spectrum, shorted as FTM+) and SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies). Spring - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
FTM: A Gender Odessywww.transconference.orgA national conference primarily for masculine-identified people who were assigned female gender at birth however open to all genders. Trans children and Family programming available. Focus on gathering together, sharing experiences, celebrating. Workshops address the practical aspects of trans lives, and facilitated conversations explore the challenges of building and sustaining community. Always during Labor Day Weekend - Seattle, WA (NOTE: this conference will NOT occur in 2010 and will resume in 2011)
The IFGE Conferencewww.transeventsusa.orgthe Annual Conference of the International Foundation for Gender Education Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Trans Health Conferencewww.trans-health.orgA space for transpeople, allies, partners, & providers to come together to re-envision what health means for trans-folks.
Southern Comfort Conferencewww.sccatl.orgThe Southern Comfort Conference is held in Atlanta, GA. Partners, family and friends are welcome. Look for the Transflix Film Festival as well as the regular conference.