Hair Removal

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NameOrganizationLocationContact/ WebAreas of FocusAccessibilityCost/InsuranceExperienceOther
Dillon, Wendy Delicate Touch Esthetics & ElectrolysisRose City Park Acupuncture Center 3024 NE 63rd Ave Portland, OR 97213(503) 253-6698
Skin care, electrolysis (general and genital).No insurance accepted.Gender Experience Trans-identified herself. Have been doing pre-SRS electroysis for 14 yrs.Late appointment available on Tue-Fri. Online booking system available, check out the website.
Flanagan, Elizabeth Olympic Electrolysis2522 N Proctor #272 Tacoma, WA 98406Email
Bulk electrolysis by and for transwomen.Clinic is fragrance/chem free and ADA compatible. Willing to work with accessibility issues (lack of car); clinic is somewhat remote. Hotels in the area range from $250-400/wk Working on less expensive housing options.$35/hr or $500/20 hrs.Gender Experience: Trans-identified. Sexuality Experience: Queer-identified. Youth Experience: Must be 18 +Private clinic located in Shelton, Washington One-time-use sterile tapered probes are used exclusively; blend method generally used. Limited ability to provide upper lip lidocaine injections for a small fee. Located about 45 minutes from Olympia, WA.
Valerie HolmbergBare Down There Waxing410 E. 20th St
Vancouver, WA 98663
(503) 281-7371
Waxing, hair removalEasy access off I-5 with off-street parking and we have on-line bookingNo InsuranceGender, Sexuality, and Youth experience: Female.Bare Down there Waxing serves the needs of all people and we honor them with our work.