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COQSURE is a social group for people who were born or raised female who don't presently identify as totally female. This includes people who were born female or intersexed who are unsure of their gender or who are considering changling identity from female to male, guys who are exploring the possibilities for inner and outer gender regardless of how the world sees them, individuals who are not interested in transitioning but identify always or sometimes as guys, as well as guys who are transitioning or have transitioned.
TransHealthPDX Health PDX is a list for folks in the greater Portland, OR area to discuss trans health issues and to create a peer-run health collective. It is open to anyone on the trans/genderqueer spectrum, family members and other loved ones, health care providers, and anyone else with an interest in trans/genderqueer health.
TransYouthPDX group is a resource for Portland, Oregon youth who identify as transgender, genderqueer, intersex, or otherwise gender-variant to find out what's happening in the area. There's information on local events, news, politics, services, and more that relate specifically to tgif (transgender, genderqueer, intersex, and friendly) youth (under age 23 is the focus but all are welcome).
TPOCX is a listserv exclusively for People of Color of Transgender/Transsexual/Gender-Variant experience. The purpose of TPOCX is to allow for people of color of Trans experience the opportunity to discuss in a supportive environment the many issues we face and to build community. On this closed list, People of Color (i.e. Native Peoples of the Americas, Asian, African/Caribbean, Latino/Chicano, Middle Eastern/Arab, People of Mixed Blood/ Bi-racial identities) of Trans experience can share resources and talk about the complex intersections of race, gender expression/identity and sexuality. People of Color questioning or exploring their gender identity are welcomed
People of Color Institute from the NGLTF 2002 People of Color Institute, this list is designed to build a network between People of Color leaders, organizations and activists addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, and Transgender People of Color Isssues. It is our hope that the launching of this list will start a dialogue and increase the political voice for LGBTST POC voices. As of 12/12/2003, the POCOI Planning Committee has decided to have one list for all the previous years, current year and future years. This will be our network to connect with others doing similar work within our communities.
TGPOCTgpoc-subsrcibe@yahoogroups.comList-serv: Apparently this list serve is used A LOT, you can’t even search for it, because it is very high security and you essentially go through an interview process to get on the list-serv.
PDX FTMpdx_ftm@yahoogroups.comThis list is for coordinating real time outings ONLY. It's NOT for announcements of studies, inquiries/discussions related to transition, calls for submissions, etc., and members are subject to moderator intervention for posts of that nature.
PDX FTM--general discussionPdx_ftm_generaldiscussion@yahoogroups.comA discussion list for members of PDX_FTM. Questions about transition, local resources, travel, the rest of life, etc. may be posted here.
FTM Pacific NWftm_pacificnw@yahoogroups.comFTM Pacific NW is a discussion and social group for self identified female to male (FTM) who live in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Britis Columbia. Membership is limited to self identified transmen who intend to live fulltime as men. Membership is open to all transmen who live in these states, with temporary membership to transmen who are visiting or plan to move to the Pac NW.
FTM Ally Pacific NWftm_ally_pacificnw@yahoogroups.comFTM_Ally_Pacific_NW is an adult group designed to bring FTMs and their Allies together for activities, events, discussions, networking, meeting other couples and singles. Every member is encouraged to actively participate in the group. We want this group to be a safe place for members to meet each other, find others to date, have discussions, etc. Membership is open to FTMs & Allies who live in, visit, or plan to move to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, or British Columbia.
Transgendered Portlandtransgendered_portland@yahoogroups.comThis is for us transgendered girls, guys, and allies where we can talk about any thing and every thing we want. Transgendered Portland is our attempt to have a clean" club for transgendered people. "
Gendercast episodes you can find info about each episode and take a listen, or you can find us in itunes. We are in Seattle, but are always trying to connect with other orgs. So far we have interviewed or featured groups like the Gender Book, the Trans Oral History project, the Brown Boi Project, Reteaching Gender and Sexuality, LGBTQ Allyship and some others, regardless if they are local or not. We started the podcast last January and have aired 22 episodes. At the moment we have listeners from every state, over 35 countries, and average about 1500 downloads per month. Since our audience spans beyond Seattle, we try to promote other orgs. doing good work as much as possible both on the show, and on our facebook page and website. Here is our mission just to give you an idea of what we aim to do.

Gendercast is a podcast exploration of gender and what is means to live in, challenge and exist beyond the binary. It is a conversation between all those who identify along the transmasculine spectrum and our allies and supporters. It is a commentary on our culture and a reflection on where we have come from and where we are headed.
Northwest Transgenderednorthwest_transgendered@yahoogroups.comWELCOME TRANSGENDERED GIRLS, GUYS, THEIR SO's, FRIENDS AND ALLIES........ Not only has this been a place to post and talk about Trangender matters, it has been a place for News, Support and understanding 24/7