Reasons Why You Should Remain Stay Single

//Reasons Why You Should Remain Stay Single

Reasons Why You Should Remain Stay Single

There are times in our lives where the urge to settle down is very high. But you would also be extremely picky as to who you would like as a partner for life. One thing that you must know is that it is perfectly alright to do this as there are plenty of people that take time when it comes to finding love.

Let us look at some of the reason as to why it is best to stay single.


1.      They are wrong about being single

Many like to believe that being single is a sign of being left out due to the fact that there is a personality or physical problem. They might even assume you are socially awkward or even unattractive when compared to the standard norm. Eventually, everything piles up and hence, you will be pressured to feeling as though you are incapable of love which will result in you getting into a relationship just for the sake of it. But the truth is, being single can be extremely beneficial as they can thrive just as much as people in relationships. It is only when success is associated with relationships that the problem arises.

2.      Your happiness matters too

A very common hope that people have when they commit themselves to relationships is that it is the answer to all the problems that you have. This includes everything from self-esteem issues to even being happy in general. But what many fail to realize is the fact that happiness is something that you must create on your own. Relying on someone else in order to be happy can have devastating effects on a human being.


3.      Emotional baggage

If you are trying to find from a place where it doesn’t exist, the chances are that you haven’t forgiven or forgotten what happened to you in the previous episode. By staying single in situations such as these, you will be allowing yourself time and space to process whatever is going on inside your head. You will also be able to welcome whoever comes next along the road with your arms wide open. This may not be romantic in nature, but something worth your while nonetheless.

4.      Your friends

Although it is normal to have friends during a relationship, the chances are that you give more importance to your partner and not your friends. As a result, you will be unable to keep track of what most of your friends are up to and eventually become distant.

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