Things That You Should Know When You Date In Your 30s

//Things That You Should Know When You Date In Your 30s

Things That You Should Know When You Date In Your 30s

When you hit your 30s, you’ll realize that things aren’t really the same anymore. What you liked in your 20s aren’t what you want. Meeting someone new and dating them doesn’t feel like what it was when you were in your 20s.

Everything becomes a doozy especially if you are someone that is aspiring to be a parent as the clock is ticking rapidly on you. The options that are available to you also become limited as to how it was in your 20s where you had a plethora of options.

It is, therefore essential to be well informed as to what you must do and in this article, we discuss precisely that.


1.      What you really want

As your tastes mature with age, you no longer relate to the expectations that you had while you were in your 20s. Suddenly, financial stability and every cliché in the book start to look extremely weak. You will find yourself attracted to people that suit your personality or someone that can complement yours perfectly. But at the end of the day, what you truly want is something that you must figure out on your own. The best method to do this is by writing down everything that you want in a partner and also write the names of the people you have been with. Elaborate what you liked and disliked about each person. Come back to the list you made, and you’ll hopefully find a pattern.


2.      What has happened, has happened

By the time you are in your 30s, you will have experienced your fair share of heartbreaks. The significant bit is to leave all of this in the past. While you are on your first to the third date, make sure not to mention your previous heartbreaks as it really wouldn’t be the right time. Be thankful for how your past has shaped you and leave it be.

3.      Your outlook on life

It is very easy to look at everything in your life in a negative way because that is what age does. But it is vital that you maintain a positive outlook even if your past relationships haven’t worked out for you. Be open with people that you meet for the first time and if they show interest, make sure that you give them at least a single chance so that you would not have to regret not taking it in the future.

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